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Family Activities - Strengthening Family Life

Take a look at what's happening at our family life.  De we communicate?  Do we share?  Do we take time to get involved with each other?  Are there opportunities for improvement?  What is God's plan for us?  Today's society makes it hard to be a family.  Television takes up a lot of our time together.  The hustle and business of business, rushed meals, school, work, committee meetings, sports and shopping are cramming our days and weeks.  The family is under heavy attack today.  The battle is largely over values and commitments.  To survive, the family needs support.  Its primary source of strength must be found in a growing religious and parish life.  But it also can be helped substantially by an organization such as ours.

We must strive to help prevent the death of the family by administering preventive medicine.  By conducting those programs and activities which aid in rebuilding the family spirit from within, we aim to make it vital and strong enough to resist society's ills.  We encourage our members and their families to choose as their model the Holy Family, copying their attitude of interdependence, sharing and respect for authority.

We also work to strengthen family life.  We look to nourish wholesome home life through the sponsorship of activities involving the entire family on a scheduled and continuing basis.  Encouraging communications and routines which involve family members within their own homes, and bringing families together in social and recreational events in the community.   By stimulating togetherness within family units, we have found that there are many ways in which families can enjoy time together in a scheduled, organized way, even when the age range of members varies significantly.


Family - Activities are organized to bring our Knight's families together, including:

Christmas Party

Easter Egg Hunt

Selection of Family of the Month and Year

Dodger games