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Membership Awards

Shining Armor Awards

John Graham

Greg McEntyre

Tony Orfila

Howard De Ruyter

Chris Ryan

Kevin Sullivan

Dan Thomas

VIP Club Very Important Proposer club for recruitment of new members

Derrick Au (2)

Greg McEntyre (2)

Jim Bailey, PGK (2)

Jorge Rodriguez (2)

Ranil Fernando, PGK (5)

Tom Cox (5)

Joe McGrath (5)

Ed Staal (10)

Robert Murray (5)

Service Awards

Given to Knights after 25 years of service and in 5 year increments

Ray Archambault 60

Leo Bachman 65

Leopoldo Cantafio 55

John Sarjeant 55

Ygnacio Estrada 50

Fermin Montoya 50

Msgr. Paul Dotson 40

George Gratz 35

Rev Tom Hamilton 30

Pat Lane 30

Ramon Maestas 30

Tom Maher 25

Ray was able to attend the celebration and receive his award in person.

The award for Tom Maher was awarded posthumously to his son Bill and wife Dolores. Chaplain Peter accepted the award for Rev Tom Hamilton.

Monthly Awards

Knight of the Month (KOM) and Family of the Month (FOM) were received by 24 different Knights and Families. This reflects the commitment to charity, unity and fraternity by all of our members.


Knight of the Month

Family of the Month

July 2008

Harry O’Brian

Scott Roecker

August 2008

Howard De Ruyter

Larry Rosolowski

September 2008

Joseph Muhl, PGK

Derrick Au

October 2008

Tony Orfila

Joseph McGrath

November 2008

John Maloney, PGK

Jorge Rodriguez

December 2008

Frank Kraus

John Massei

January 2009

Bill Hoenig, PGK

Tom Smith, PGK

February 2009

Jim Bailey, PGK

Ed Staal, PGK

March 2009

Greg McEntyre

Jim Shepard, PGK

April 2009

Jerry Conger

Walter Gonzalez

May 2009

John Graham

Don Combar

June 2009

Jim Provencio

Cliff d’Autremont, PGK

Annual Awards

Outstanding Accomplishment

Larry Rosolowski, A special thanks and gratitude goes to Larry for the outstanding work he did as the Program Director. The year would not have been successful.

Harry O’Brian, as you all know we have three dinner teams that raise the majority of the funds for our charitable causes. Harry happens to help with all three and he is a regular helper with the Coffee and Donuts at St. James.

Family of the Year

Emily and Howard De Ruyter have fully supported the various activities of the council. Howard and Aydin have assisted with many events including Coffee and Donuts at St. James, House of Yahweh and membership drives. Emily, Howard, Aydin, Aaron and Patrick are regular benefactors to the monthly dinner.

Knight of the Year

Jorge Rodriguez

As Warden, Jorge did an outstanding job of setting up for our business meetings. He was also a consistent helper with dinner teams along with his daughter Jackie. He assisted with more events than any other Knight during the last year.