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Monthly Awards

Knight of the Month (KOM) and Family of the Month (FOM) were received by many different Knights and Families. This reflects the commitment to charity, unity and fraternity by all of our members.


Knight of the Month

Family of the Month

July 2009

Howard De Ruyter

Larry Rosoloski

August 2009

Dan Thomas

Ranil Fernando, PGK

September 2009

Alex Maruszko

Jonathan Bishop

October 2009

Ben Aranda

Don Combar

November 2009

Cliff d'Autremont, PGK

Lloyd Brown

December 2009

Sam Crescibene

John Massei

January 2010

Harry O'Brien

Mike Parsons

February 2010

Jorge Rodriguez

Howard De Ruyter

Chris Ryan, Jr.

Ben Aranda

Ranil Fernando, PGK

March 2010

Frank Kraus

Rey T. Rojo, PGK

Jim Shepard

April 2010

John Maloney, PGK

Joseph Muhl, PGK

May 2010

Tom Smith, PGK

Carl McKnight

June 2010

Ben Aranda

Chris Ryan, Jr.

Annual Awards

Outstanding Achievement

Lloyd Brown, A special thanks and gratitude goes to Lloyd for his many loyal year's as the council's Financial Secretary. Thank you for all of your hard work Lloyd!

Family of the Year

Don & Barbara Combar received this prestigious award for their tireless efforts over the last 40 years in support of Pro-Life for the council.  This involves letter written to Congressional Representatives, support of Pro-Life Sunday's and were involved in the purchase of an ultra-sound machine for three pro-life maternity homes.

Knight of the Year

Sam Crescibene

As the new Financial Secretary, Sam did an outstanding job of taking over the financial wellfare of the council. He's worked dilligently to ensure the council's finances are organized and well managed.