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Who Can Join?

Any Catholic gentleman who is at least 18 years of age and is a practical Catholic.

Benefits of Joining

The way many of our members see it, the primary benefit of joining our council is that you are part of a group of men who are not only fun to be around, but are serious about their commitment to their faith, family, and fellow man.

By joining you will also receive 12 free issues of Columbia magazine, the world's most widely distributed Catholic family magazine. In addition, you are eligible to join the Knights of Columbus top-ranked insurance program.

Six reasons why you should consider becoming be a Knight

1) As an integral part of the world's largest and most dynamic Catholic fraternal organization, you'll be united with 1.5 million Brothers and their families in more than 9,000 local councils located in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Central America and the Caribbean.

2) Your personal involvement as a Knight will provide opportunities, in charity and fraternity, for service to the Church at the local, diocesan and universal levels; to your communities; and to the less fortunate in our midst.

3) Your active participation in council affairs: spiritual, fraternal, family, social, civic-oriented, athletic and recreational - will serve as a school of leadership and enable you to develop qualities that enhance your strengths and abilities.

4) You'll enjoy a sense of 'belonging' in an organization that shares your religious beliefs; brings together like-minded men joined in a common cause, and offers the opportunity to develop and cement friendships for years to come.

5) Your concerns for your family and for your retirement years can be addressed by the Order's low-cost insurance program, conducted by Brother Knights for Brother Knights, and assure their security and your peace of mind.

6) You'll share in the sense of pride all Knights feel in knowing that their Order is second to none in support of our Holy Father, our Bishops and Priests; in working for our fellow man, especially those most in need; and in binding together to preserve traditional values in the face of attacks against the family and innocent human life.

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