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Dinner proceeds also support:

House of Yahweh

Rancho San Antonio

Los Crusados Council 1990 in Redondo Beach provided $4,400 to three pro-life maternity homes so that each mother living in the homes could spend $100 for Christmas presents.

Father Charles Ssubulime sits astride his new Suzuki motorcycle that was purchased with help from Los Crusados Council 1990 in Redondo Beach. Father Ssubulime, who is a member of Council 1990 and who studied for the priesthood in Southern California, reported difficulties in ministering to his scattered parishioners in Uganda. Knights donated $4,000 to help Father Ssubulime purchase the motorcycle.

Fr. Charles Ssublime is a priest from Uganda who was supported by KofC Council 1990 while he was stydying in the seminary.  He now works in Uganda to improve the live of the people there.

August 16, 2010, Father Charles spoke to Knights and guests at the Los Crusados Hall describing his ministry work in Uganda.  He provided a presentation entitled "Empowering People through Educations and Opportunities to put Faith in Action."

The Fr. Hawe Assemly (4th Degree Sir Knights) presented Father Charles a new chalice for his ministry work in Uganda.  It is a tradition of the 4th Degree Sir Knights to present priests with a chalice engraved with the names deceased 4th degree Sir Knights.